HORSE LOGGING, LLC











Forest Forever Horse Logging is a family run

business located in Missoula, Montana.

Richard and Alex Clemow run the business from

their 27 acre farm nestled in the mountains

outside of Missoula.


Forest Forever Horse logging began 8 years ago

when Richard decided to thin the trees on his

property. Richard wanted a low impact way to

thin his land and settled on horse logging as

a solution. After looking into horse logging

Richard decided he would buy his own team of



Alex, Richards wife, already own two saddle

horses and immediatly began helping Richard

research the matter. The Clemows purchased

a team of Belgian Draft Horses and began

thinning their property.


The Clemow's eventually expanded and

bought another draft horse and a sawmill.

They began getting calls to log other



The Clemow's joined the Montana Draft

Horse and Mule Association and began

participating in expos and shows across



Now the Clemow's are known by many in

Montana and among the Draft Horse

 community as established and skilled

Draft Team owners.








Richard Clemow grew up in Rochester,

New York. He decided to move West

to attend college at the University

of Montana.

When Richard moved to Montana

he fell in love with the mountains

and wilderness. This is also where

he met the love of his life, Alex.

Alex and Richard got married and have

been together for over 20 years.


Alex grew up in the Chicago area. She

also moved to Montana to attend

the University of Montana. Alex had a

love of animals and she quickly started

working with horses.

After marrying Richard, Alex purchased

her first saddle horse and has since

then owned several horses.




   Abe and Ivan are our Belgian Draft

Horse team.Richard purchased them

from an amish man who had trained

them. Abe and Ivan are an experienced

team and have participated in shows,

 expos, and historical re-enactments.


Red is our our draft horse mix. He is a

calmdependable horse and is used for

 logging and carriage rides.